Our Services

Our Services

We offer unique, custom-built services to give us the edge

We provide 90-minute online video sessions through Skype and Zoom for subscribed members, 6 days a week (excluding Sunday) where we cover topics like the concept of blockchain and ICOs, how cryptocurrencies work, how to mine and so on.

We also provide top notch insider secrets/information to our subscribed members on building their cryptocurrency portfolio and investing in real ICOs.

Cryptominer Solutions boast a team of blockchain developers that works specifically on utility and security token creation. Our research and editorial team handles the Whitepaper writing section. Security token development is currently one of the most profitable cryptocurrency ventures.

Our team of digital marketing specialists provide a range effective online marketing and advertising services through various social media and cryptocurrency channels and specialized search engine tools.

We provide onsite technical expertise in Green mining rigs setup and installation of your mining devices. Our team on site will as well ensure your devices are running at full capacity and never miss a day.

We have a good variety of Antminers and Hardware wallets in stock.  We deliver worldwide and offer free shipping services on wholesale orders with 180 days warranty.

What we offer

Growth. Innovation. Trust