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We are a group of professionals with an experience in Blockchain Analysis and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Digital marketing and E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency Mining. We are here
to dispense the best knowledge and cryptocurrency devices with the best customer service experience.

Our vision is to take Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to the next level. We will always try to provide
all products at relatively reasonable prices.

You can open an online cryptocurrency account here

You can also download a desktop wallet that has all the altcoins we support here

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin.  

Click FORGOT PASSWORD link, type your username or e-mail and you’ll receive your account information. 

Our policy helps us to ship all the products within 48 hrs of order conformation. In case of any delay we always intimate our customer with a valid proof and perfect time of shipment made. Our strong part is our customer support who are always there to help 24*7 365 Days. Feel free to get in touch with us at

Yes we do. We are looking for majorly in Europe, US and UK. Any company or an individual interested can directly call us or drop us an email on

Yes you can. But please note we have to be notified within 24hours after purchase or delivery as the case may be.

We ship within 48hrs after the order and payment confirmation is made.

Please note that we only accept payment in Bitcoin. All products listed on our website are priced in US Dollars. As Bitcoin has a Volatility price it will show the total amount of BTC to be paid at the time of Checkout.

The price will be provided through the exchange rate of Bitcoin to US Dollars rate as per the current
market rates. Orders generated will be valid only for a certain period from the time of booking. Once the order is generated a person as to make the payment in Bitcoin as soon as possible within the set time frame.

You can directly contact us via our email at or Whatsapp: +1-609-318-5189. You will receive a swift feedback and solution.