Bitcoin Price Sets Record For The Longest Run Above $10,000

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Bitcoin has again hit a new record, but this time it’s about the price consistency. This is exciting times for the bulls and whales in the cryptocurrency space.

As various analysts and well-known Bitcoiners have pointed out this week, the Bitcoin price has stayed above $10,000 for the longest period yet in history.

BTC/USD trading pair has now closed above the $10k mark every day for 64 days, even longer than the record 2017-18 run.

This represents a longer chain of daily closes than ever before, giving confidence to long term HODLers and potential investors/newbies in the process.

Bitcoin has received mixed press in recent weeks as local highs of $12,500 gave way to lows which neared $9,800. In each case, however, BTC/USD managed to avoid a daily close under $10,000.

While it is often criticized for being over volatile, Bitcoin has been a sea of calm even when compared with Tesla and other tech stocks in recent months.

With the influx of more institutional investors, the flagship cryptocurrency could just be set for another massive bullrun.

It is only wise to be part of a growing decentralized financial economy with great incentives and benefits.