Top 9 Cryptocurrency Wallets For Your Mobile Phone

A cryptocurrency wallet is used to send, receive, and store the cryptocurrencies. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, and it is usually stored securely in Bitcoin Android or IOS wallets.

Here are my current top 10 cryptocurrency wallets for your mobile phone mainly based on user interface and security features:

1. Trust Wallet

If you are a crypto lover, then you probably must have heard about Trust Wallet. Many people like it because it supports many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

It carries Bitcoin securely in android devices. Its developers are very proactive, and they keep adding new cryptocurrencies.

2. Mycelium

Mycelium is a reputable mobile crypto wallet. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it to be one of the most convenient crypto wallets to use.

It is the best in terms of security supporting both a security PIN and paper wallet keys.

3. Exodus

The Exodus Android app is definitely one of the most sublime looking Bitcoin wallets around. Just like the equally eye-catching desktop app, this android version keeps that trademark style throughout the app features.

You can use Exodus to manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and over 55 other cryptocurrency assets, all within the app. In addition, Exodus does not touch your wallet private keys, instead encrypting them on your device and helping you manage them. 

Also, you never have to sign-up for an Exodus account, protecting your privacy. Your wallets and your details remain secure within your device at all times.

That extends to the integrated cryptocurrency exchange, too. You can swap and trade your cryptocurrency within the Exodus app without creating an account.

4. Green Address

Green address is a cryptocurrency wallet preferred by people who value security, anonymity, and privacy. The most liked features of this wallet include its two-factor authentication procedure and multi-signature functionality with both features making it a very secure option.

Green address will never store your keys even when they get encrypted. It is a secure wallet which is also cheap to use at the same time.

5. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is the first mobile Bitcoin app, and even arguably the most secure! As a merchant, you get to receive payments swiftly without stress.

No registration, web service or cloud needed as the wallet is de-centralized and peer to peer.

Even when you are offline, you can pay via bluetooth. Awesome right?

6. Guarda

You’ll love Guarda for its many security features. And when it comes to transactions, it is among the most reliable crypto wallets.

That is why it is very popular, more so because it supports versions like Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android.

You can also install Guarda without even revealing your personal information.

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7. Bread Wallet

If you want a crypto wallet, that’s easy to download and install, then Bread Wallet is the best option for you. It is one of the top wallets for mobile devices and is liked by many beginners.

It offers touch ID protection, and restore and backup facility, which put it at the top of other wallets.

8. Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx provides convenient user experience and a seamless transaction process. It is available for IOS and Android devices. There is a desktop version that supports windows. Linux OS, and Mac as well.

It favors private keys as extra security on the devices on which it is used.

9. Edge Wallet

Previously known as Airbitz, Edge Wallet is very user friendly. It offers an interface that makes it easy and convenient to manage bitcoins.

It is an HD wallet with a backup and recovery feature providing an additional protection layer.

Final Words

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular modes of transaction globally. This is because they offer the convenience that the ordinary currencies can’t afford. The crypto wallets discussed above are all safe, convenient, and user friendly.

You just need to download and install them, and you are ready to go.

However, you should be aware of recent bitcoin wallet hack attempts and ongoing fraud. Make sure to keep your details safe as well.

And if by any chance you have been a victim of any, it is advisable to reach out to appropriate authorities or bitcoin recovery experts to assist in such situations.