If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin, then you most probably have to pass through a Bitcoin exchange.

Cryptocurrency has not only given the fastest way to transfer money, but also a new entity with which to trade and make money, apart from stocks and other commodities.

While you can sell and buy Bitcoin directly, you can also use Bitcoin trading exchanges to continue your cryptocurrency transactions. There are a lot of exchanges in which the Bitcoin trade is safe and also facilitated to the customers with many extended services.

Being an investor or merchant in cryptocurrency, you can choose any of the following exchanges for your convenience.


It is probably one of the most reputable and largest Bitcoin exchanges with the ease of trading directly and through the wallet. Coinbase has established its client base across more than 30 countries including the United States, Europe, Canada, Singapore and Australia. One of its most exciting and innovative feature is the provision of insurance services where the bitcoin exchange promises to partially or fully compensate their customers in the unfortunate event of a system hack.


One of the oldest and most reputable exchanges that started in 2013 in London as Bitcoin trading exchange and also as a facilitator of cloud mining. CEX.IO allows for the buying of large amounts of Bitcoin for low transaction fees. However, for payments by bank transfer, there is no transaction fee.


Bitfinex is a hong kong based exchange platform founded in 2012. It is without doubt one of the most advanced trading exchanges and is especially suitable for experienced cryptocurrency traders, well known for its high trading volumes and user activity.

The margin funding market of Bitfinex allows you accrue interest in crypto and fiat assets. The users can also auto-renew the offers, even if it gets expired. The best part is that Bitfinex is flexible and allow clients have the set-up done according to their needs or preferences.

A lot of newbies would like to know how to buy bitcoin on Bitfinex due to its advanced features and with the exchange supporting cash deposits for such popular currencies as USD, EUR, and GBP.


Bitstamp is the oldest of the cryptocurrency exchanges founded in 2011, not so long after the creation of Bitcoin. It is Europe’s biggest exchange by trading volume. And in addition to its expanding global user base, it also has offices in Luxembourg, London and New York.

Bitstamp has one of the lowest fee systems in the world, with 0.05% for international wire transfer, and 0.09% on international withdrawals. It allows USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ripple or bitcoin cash deposits, and withdrawals.

With a well structured approach to the industry, Bitstamp serves as the bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrency.


Kraken was founded in 2011 in United States of America but did not go public until the latter part of 2013. And then it became the top exchange in Euro volume for Bitcoin in 2014.

Kraken is widely regarded as a reputable bitcoin exchange as they completed the first cryptographically secure audit. Payment options include bank and wire transfer. No credit card transactions.

With the help of genuine and trusted auto trading tools synchronized with your Bitcoin exchange, you can start making daily cryptocurrency profits to build and grow a solid cryptocurrency portfolio.